Every Child is born with pure instincts.

And its our duty to preserve them as such in a balanced manner. Just as the lack of pure air, pure food and pure water causes hardships to every child, so also improper knowledge and upbringing pushes the child towards unethical practices and skewed behaviour.

It is our responsibility to parent our children in a manner that helps them to face the enormous challenges of modern day life with ease, upholding the true values of Islam. For this we need to provide our children with a balanced education commensurate with their age and natural instincts.

The span of three years, from the age of 3 to 6 is a very crucial period in the life of every child. They look at the world around them, eager to grasp and learn whatever comes their way. It is the time when they readily accept and imbibe everything that is taught to them with love, care and affection.

A novel and innovative system for teaching children of this age - Nour el Bayan - designed in Egypt about eight years ago is gaining recognition and acceptance around the world.

Its is being adopted in Mecca, Medina, USA, Sudan, Sri Lanka, South Africa, China, France, Russia etc.The nearly five hundred centres in Egypt and more than Twenty five thousand pupils who have completed the course, stand testimony to the efficacy of this technique.

The Nour el Bayan system enables a child to read the Quran completely from the beginning to the end in accordance with the traditions combined with child-friendly narration. A child completes at least five revisions during the course of three years. It also incorporates the study of English language, Mathematics, Basic Islamic tenets and Character building besides the mother tongue. This method of learning helps the child to bloom in tune with his/her interests and creativity.

Thus we at Anjuman Ta'aleemul Quran have decided to introduce this system for the first time in India, in our Institution from this academic year, by the name AL-FITRAH Islamic Preschool and its own the way now.

This is golden opportunity to give your child the best chance to learn the Quran and the basics of Islam along with English, Mathematics and other character building features. Functioning in child-friendly class rooms with pleasing ambiance, managed by specially trained teachers and ayahs. This system of learning will help to energize your child's mind and to open up his/her inborn faculties.